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Become a SWAT UK Member

Bring all your training and compliance "under one roof" for a fixed monthly payment

Are you using different providers for your CPD, training, compliance work and practice development?

You could save hundreds – if not thousands – by bringing all your firm’s training and compliance together in one complete membership package for a fixed monthly fee, enabling you to spread the cost over 12 monthly payments.

No more unexpected training or compliance costs; just a comprehensive membership package that caters for all your firm’s requirements, as well as helping to improve your efficiencies and profitability!

Full Membership is exclusive to firms with 4 or more professional staff and for a fixed monthly payment, you’ll enjoy:

Unlimited access to our public courses

(excluding the Professional Skills Development Programme and SWAT UK's Certificate in Probate and Estate Administration courses).

  • CPD courses
  • Technician courses
  • Staff and Student workshops
  • Webinars and webinar recordings 

On-site support days

Compliance reviews covering the areas of:

  • Audit
  • Anti money laundering 
  • Tax
  • Practice Assurance / Quality Checked
  • Investment business (FSA and DPB)
  • Insolvency
  • Practice management and marketing

As part of your membership, you will be allocated a number of support days according to the number of trainable individuals in your firm. Please refer to the support day allocation table (click here to download) for more details. 

Unlimited technical queries*

Unlimited calls to our technical query helpline*. However, if you don't require this element, you can enjoy reduced rates by joining our Reduced Membership scheme.

Exclusive access to our unique PII scheme

Our PII scheme could offer you considerable savings and provide you with better cover!


Enjoy discounts on all SWAT UK publications, software products and documentation.

All expenses paid!

As a Full Member, you won't be charged expenses for on-site visits.

Get a quote today!

The price of Full Membership depends on the number of staff in your practice. For more details about joining a membership scheme with SWAT UK and to get a quote, call us today on 0845 450 5555. 

Bespoke Membership

With a bespoke membership package, you can tailor the support to suit your needs. Call us on 0845 450 5555 to discuss your requirements and we can provide you with a quote.

To find out more about our membership options, call us on 0845 450 5555.

*No charge will be made for telephone queries of less than thirty minutes, including any research time. Telephone technical queries requiring longer than thirty minutes, will be chargeable as set out below.
i) Our fees will take account of the time necessary to complete the work.
ii) Invoices will be raised at our full charge-out rate. For most on-site consultancy visits the current hourly rate for 2017 is £192 (less a 10% members’ discount). For hot file reviews the current 2017 rate is £225 per hour and technical queries the current 2017 rate is £252 per hour.
iii) Queries on issues that are regarded as “high risk” are charged at the 2017 rate of £320 per hour. Before any work is carried out on such issues, you will be advised of this extra charge