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Capital Taxes and the Family Company

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Course Code: 2201

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Who should attend

Partner / Manager / Qualified

This course will be suitable for any practitioner that advises clients on the Capital Taxes Issues of a Family Business.  It will also be a useful course for those delegates who would like to increase their awareness of the issues to look out for.
The course will inspire delegates to be more pro-active when dealing with their clients, in looking at their current and potential exposure to tax, and show ways in which we can assist our clients and thus grow our practice.
A review of relevant tax cases and numerous examples and illustrations make this a practical and informative course.

In addition, Amanda will bring a client case study to each of her courses to offer some practical experience on achieving the maximum tax efficiency.

Other aspects of inheritance tax planning with a business are covered in a separate course ‘Passing on the Family Business’.  This course will be presented by Amanda Fisher, to compliment her other course content.

Course Content

The course will include:

  • Recent updates and developments
  • Updates to Entrepreneurs’ relief
  • Incorporation issues
  • Ensuring BPR is obtained, where necessary
  • A case study of a family business and the objective of maximum tax efficiency
    • structuring the company and business assets
    • considering how the structure of the business property will affect IHT in the future
    • considering the effect on capital gains tax in the future
    • keeping tax efficiency for a company business
    • factoring in pension planning
  • Considering a trust for the family company
  • Disincorporation and winding up
  • A review of some recent tax cases relating to inheritance tax
  • Illustrative examples throughout