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Course VI Part 2 (Business Acumen)

Credits:9View Alternative Price Options
Course Code: 4128

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Who Should Attend

Students who have recently qualified or are nearing the end of their training contract.

Course objectives

The aim of the course is to raise awareness of why businesses succeed or fail by examining:

  • Examples of business successes and failures
  • Successful and not so successful CEOs
  • The components of a business team and how team dynamics operate
  • The structure of a useful business plan
  • How to identify the key variables of any given business
  • How to work with clients and colleagues to deliver useful business advice
  • How to capitalise on the knowledge you have gained from your professional career so far.

Course Content

  • Lectures, video material and discussion are used to encourage students to actively consider the above issues.
  • Interactive exercises to practise the listening and communication skills needed to give useful business advice.
  • The opportunity to work up a business idea, by working in a team and present it to the rest of the group.