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The General Practice Procedures Manual – a new look at tax

By Helen Lloyd

Soon when you open the General Practice Procedures Manual, you’ll see some bigger than usual changes to the structure.

We’re constantly working on updating the materials in the manual and also on ensuring that they are streamlined so you can rapidly find what you need. It became clear that the three sections on taxation (on personal tax, corporate tax and VAT) included quite an amount of duplicated material, where this related to areas such as best practice for tax filing, penalties, and structure of communications with both clients and HMRC.

To streamline this, you will see that we’ll have a single new Chapter 7 “Taxation”. This includes sections on planning and control, completion and quality control reviews that apply to all types of taxation, then an individual section of detailed work for each type of tax. 

The tax-related checklists will also be rationalized and renumbered in Specimen Documents section A7, so it should still be easy to access those that you need. We have also divided them into those that relate to systems and practice management, and those with more detailed tax content. The more technical checklists will be collected together in Specimen Documents section A8 and we would be grateful for feedback on how, and how often, you use these.

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January 2019 


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